Tom Davies, Ex Sgt

I was with the Royal Signals recalled to 52 LofC and sailed out their on the S.S.Rivercrest arriving at Suez on Nov 6th. we spent a week their awaiting the U.N  to arrive. Our transport remained on board. We did have a game of footie on the beach were our lads had landed, and after the game a couple of us went into the water to cool off. On sailing back to Cyprus to collect fresh water, I was taken ill with the “Trots” and wound up in a sick bay cot. On the approach to Famagusta, the skipper of the ship came to see me, to check on my progress. He said that every third member of the ship who had been taken ill had died, he had the ships log to prove it. I was out of that cot next morning like a dose of salts. The skippers name was Capt. Anderson, from Scotland. Tom Davies, Ex Sgt.

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