Grandson’s RAP

Below is a touching ‘Rap’ by Corporal Lowe’s Grandson, Sam Jones (AKA Kamakaze Dnb ). His Grandad would’ve loved this tribute…he would have said it was “Daft” but would’ve secretly loved it!

Sam Jones aged about 2 with his "legend" of a Grandad!

Sam Kamakaze Jones now (Grandad Lowe would be saying: "Bloody Hell Sam Jones!")











Shouts to my granddad brought up as an orfan,
Way back then women didn’t like abortion,
Having sex with no precaution,
Coz that’s how they taught them,
If you was tied up in a marriage wasn’t easy to divorce them,
He was brought up by the nuns roman catholic,
But when he hit 16 he decided to move away from it,
Joining the para’s the one corporal Lowe, He always ran fast he never ran slow,
Trained with Roger Bannister could of made it a pro,
But one things for sure that I’ll never know,
They fought in the sun, fought in the snow,
Jumped out of war planes to make the government doe!
Later on in life popped up his grandson,
Always called me Sam Jones he wanted graduation,
I was spending more time in detention,
always the class clown seeking attention!
He was best friend, a father, sole mate my armour,
Always remembered as a charmer, Now resting in heaven so nobody can harm ya!! R.I.P