Finding Armed Forces Veterans

We get quite a few emails about people wanting to find more information about loved ones. It could be you are trying to find if anyone knew your mother and father in the forces. We would like to help. All you need to do is send us an email and we will publish it here on this website. The site is going to be overhauled soon and will be even more interactive.

Parachute Regiment? Royal Logistics Corps? Although this site was set up in memory of my dad, Cyprus and Suez it has become apparent that it can be a vehicle for any one from any of the armed forces. We will be building dedicated pages during 2016 for each Regiment and each conflict where there is a possibility there are still survivors.

The latest Dispatches

From: Doreen O’Neill

Hello,I’am looking for any information about my farther who was in Parachute Regiment in 1950s as I remember he had photos of when they landed in Cyprus and other photos with the men.  As my Dad has been dead for over 20 years I’m trying to keep his memory alive to ensure his grandchildren can be proud of him.  If anyone has any information please email me.  My Dad was called Kenneth  O’Neill. Most people would know him as Ken, he was from County Durham.

IF you can help Doreen please get in touch

From: Daren Shelton

My Dad has always told me stories of being dropped into Suez in 56 he is slowly loosing his marbles a little bit after having a stroke

He was REME and attached to 2 Para I believe and dropped in on Operation Musketeer sadly he was shot in the leg ( I believe before he even hit the ground)  his name Lance Corporal Stanley Edward Shelton  33263373

sadly any medals he has had have been lost to time and moving .. I would love to know what medals he would have got doing his national service between 55 and 57 I would also like to try and find anyone who knew him back then

this site is a great find for me and very informative


IF you can help Daren please get in touch

 From: Mr Charlesworth

Hi, I’m the son of Derek Charlesworth 3para 23247991 who jumped with your dad into port said, I have a bunch of photos and would like to share with you. My Dad died at 34 in a car accident , he moved over to Dublin in 62 and I’m his eldest son, so proud of what he dud and ended up in aviation, I’m chief engineer with Delta Air Lines here and have been around aircraft disincentive 82. 

IF you can help Mr Charlesworth please get in touch