email from Susan (Turner) Bailey

Hi, I had a look at your website today, it’s great. I am reading a book, ‘Suez, The double war’ as my Dad, Roy Turner was a 3 para. He served in Suez 1956 and then in Nicosia, Cypress. In your anecdotes page there is a photo… the man 4th from the right in the background looks like my Dad. Is there a way this can be confirmed? His name is officially Philip Dennis Roy Turner but was always known as ‘Roy’. He was born in Taunton, UK. We (My Mum Sheila and three children) emigrated to Australia in 1965 and Dad very quickly became a successful swimming pool builder ( a plasterer by trade) until his death in 1998. If there is any way to confirm it is him or see any more photos of my Dad? Our Family lived in Bridgwater, Somerset and now I live in Bondi, Sydney, Australia Cheers, Susan (Turner) Bailey

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