Suez 56

The Suez Crisis 1956 – Paras in Cyprus

Welcome to A place to view pictures and read about The Parachute Regiment in the 1950’s in Cyprus which led to the Last Parachute Drop into Action by the British Army during the The Suez Crisis. This website is also in loving memory of my dad, Tony Lowe 10th Feb 1929 – 5th July 2009. RIP Mum and Dad.

 Tubby Butler (Corporal Lowe was either to his left or opposite so unfortunately out of the frame) and Troops on the way to El Gamil Airfield. The image above kindly supplied by John Fowlie (source of image unknown), ex 3 Para who was in another aircraft (Chalk 3, No 11.) on 5.11.56.

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Suez 56 - El Gamil - Airfield
EL Gamil Airfield Nov 1956: Lt Col Paul Crook pictured left walking away (centre) with my father, Corporal AN Lowe in the foreground correcting his red beret.

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All pics on this site are copyright AJ Lowe apart from photo of Suez drop, which is taken from the front cover of Brigadier Paul Crook’s Book ‘Came The Dawn’ and Corporal Lowe ‘counting bullets’ which was first published by the Cyprus Times. We are now receiving more pictures. Many Thanks to Derek Charlesworth who has recently contributed pictures of his dad’s time (Also called Derek Charlesworth). Here’s a taster!

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